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Spanish Acorn Fed Iberico Pork Rack Roast 1kg

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Marble Score: 2-3

Premium Iberico pork bone in chops from Spain. 4 bone roast, approximately 1kg per peiece. Your can roast this for the most amazing Sunday Roast, the marbling in the meat will ensure a juicy & tasty joint. This item can vary in weight, if it is more than 10% under the advertised weight then please contact us on orders@argylemeats.com.au

Iberico pork comes from pigs in the Iberian Peninsula, a mountainous region covering the central and southern parts of Spain and Portugal. You can find these pigs only in this area Touu will find Iberian pigs living in the mountains, usually in a wild environment, or in the forest close to its favorite diet of acorns, oak, and nuts. The game changer for the Iberico pork meat is the fat. Because of its mostbly acorns diet and its genetics, Iberian pigs are able to infiltrate a lot of fat into their muscles, resulting in a more flavorful pork. On top of being high in fat, a large amount of it is unsaturated oleic fat, the same fat found in olive oil, that is said to reduce cholesterol, and is an important part of the Mediterranean diet.When you eat Iberico pork, the marbling of fat in it makes it super tasty and delicious. The meat is more flavorful, more juicy, and very distinctive. Learn how to cook a pork rack on your BBQ

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“I am really impressed with the Argyle Wagyu Ribeye.  The flavor and texture of the beef is top notch.  For 2kg of beef I paid what if usually pay for 2 quality steaks at a high end supermarket.  The value is second to none in Hong Kong! Couldn’t recommend this product enough.

Serge - Executive Chef - Nutrition Kitchen

Great value for melt in your mouth flavourful Aussie wagyu beef. Medium rare, very light pepper corn and brandy sauce,  kids and the missus loved it! For the price I was very pleasantly surprised, will order again.

Patrick Barrett The Globe

Had my first rib eye from you today- it was bloody brilliant and knocked socks off anything else I’ve had here (Jason’s/great/ bones blades) . I think 2 kg of meat can look daunting to some on line but if you think half set aside for a Sunday roast and vac the rest into steaks it’s much easier to consider . Thanks again superb quality G”

Gerald HK Island