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The Carpet Bag Steak

The Factories take on the Carpet Bag Steak, is a Wagyu Tenderloin, butterflied and stuffed with marinated Sydney Rock Oysters, wrapped in house smoked Bacon and grilled until medium-rare.

The Carpet Bag steak dates back to the mid 1800s and was created in the fishing town of Swansea in Wales (UK). The combination of beef and oysters is traditional and formed part of the everyday diet of oyster fisherman as at the time Oysters were an inexpensive commodity and helped to extend the more expensive beef. However, towards the turn of the century Oysters became a delicacy in the United Kingdom and their price began to rise considerably. As such the fisherman began to replace the now expensive oysters with ox kidneys and it is said that this is where the now staple combination of Steak & Kidney (as in Steak & Kidney Pudding) came from.

The earliest reference of the Carpet Bag in Australia was a recipe printed in 1907 and in the United States a reference was made in a newspaper in 1891.

The dish has been pretty much dormant or low key at best in the past 50 years, we hope to bring it back to life in Hong Kong by adding it to our Friday Night Steak Menu, it will also be featured in our upcoming beer & steak pairing  event ‘Piss Up with a Brewery’

You can experience The Carpet Bag Steak at Chef Brandon’s Friday Steak Night