On the back of opening the Argyle Online Wholesale Butchery in Hong Kong, the team are quickly profiting from the success and are opening a bricks and mortar concept within the trendy confines of The Cannery Mall, in the up and coming Rosebery district which is a mere 10 minutes drive from downtown Sydney.

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The Argyle Smokehouse and Butchery comprises of; a wholesale butchers shop (with online store), stocked with Beef and Lamb from our own farms at wholesale prices, a traditional smokehouse where Texas Style BBQ items are on the menu, and a chef’s table in the butchers shop where groups of private diners can immerse themselves in an interactive dinner where a slab of custom dry aged beef is the star of the show.

The Team

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Founder & Partner Jonathan Glover is no stranger to this kind of business, he started The Butchers Club in 2012 which grew into an empire of over 20 restaurant, Butchers Shops and Chefs Tables across Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali & China. Jonathan is an accomplished chef, butcher and fishmonger and is truly excited about this Sydney project.

Ryan Crawford

Executive Chef & Partner Ryan Crawford has enjoyed a stella career in Australia, Europe and Asia. He worked his way up through the ranks of the 1 star Michelin Nubu in London, returning to Sydney as Executive Chef of the 1 Chefs Hat restaurant; Libertine before heading to Hong Kong and Macau where he ended up heading up the kitchens for 5 years of the impressive Aberdeen Marina Club – Shangri-la’s private members club for Hong Kong’s elite.

Lachlan & Bryce Grahammanage the Argyle Meats empire that supplies the concept with it meat, they have 3 large farms across New South Wales and an export accredited processing factory where a team of 80 butchers;, cut, slice dice and trim premium Black Angus Beef and Pasture Raised Lamb for export around the world. The Argyle Smokehouse & Butchery truly does offer up a ‘Farm to Table’ experience.

The Butchery at The Cannery

While The Butchery & Shop sell various meats, seafood, mustards, sauces and more, it is for our dry aged prime Black Angus beef that we are becoming known for. Boasting our own dry age rooms where premium cuts of Ribeye and Shortloin are aged to perfection for up to 45 days. Our dry aging specialists Jonathan Glover & Ryan Crawford are dedicated to the full time job of tagging and turning, monitoring temperature and humidity, and finally, alerting the customer to the prime eating time for their piece of Ribeye or Shortloin. For beef like you’ve never experienced it before – buttery soft, juicily tender and absolutely irresistible – it’s got to be dry aged.

The Cannery at Rosebery, Sydney

The Dry Aging Rooms

Foodies will love investing in a primal, a 9 to 12kg piece of beef, and handing it over into the teams’ expert hands for a month to 45 days before being ready to eat. The dry age process dates far back to times when vacuum sealing technology didn’t exist, and butchers hung meat to get the best flavour as a matter of course. A primal is hung at a low temperature and humidity, and during the 30-45 days the outside of the primal will harden, allowing the natural enzymes inside the meat break down the connective tissue, increasing the tenderness and flavour of the meat. Once done, the primal will be trimmed and delivered to your door where it can be cut into steaks or cooked as is. If you’ve never seen inside a dry age room before, this is the place to take a tour. If you’ve never tried dry aged beef then pop over for our weekend tastings. And if you want to watch the journey from dry age room to plate, with a bottle of wine or two and up to twenty of your most gastronomically inclined friends, then book the Private Kitchen’s chef’s table and see it all unfold in front of you.

Dry Aging Room at The Smokehouse & Butchery

The Chefs Table

Alternatively let us do all the work by booking a true Meat Lovers experience – the Private Kitchen’s chef’s table. This experience gives you the opportunity to impress your friends with your very own dry aged beef joint, which will be presented, trimmed, carved and cooked to perfection in The Butchery by our butchers and chefs. The complete experience is a five-course meal of a seafood platter, smoked butchers board, steak served with chips thrice fried in duck fat, salad, house baked bread, and a cheese board to finish. The Private Kitchen’s chef’s table also invites guest chefs from around the world on a monthly basis giving Sydney’s foodies a chance at a totally unique dining experience.

Private Dining Room

The Smokehouse

‘Big Birtha’ is the shops smoke oven, she can hot smoke up to 300 kg of briskets at a time. By day the Argyle Smokehouse and Butchery serves up artisanal Texas style BBQ platters. Chef Ryan’s Brisket Burnt Ends roll is the signature dish and the crispy tangy, meaty offerings topped with pickled red onion on a potato bun is sure to get the town talking.

Smoked Briskets in the Smoke Oven

 The Online Store

The team have managed to cut out all of the middlemen and arrive at quality and pricing that is unparalleled in the city. The site also has expertly written recipes and tips on how to prepare and cook the meat in both video and written forms so that customers that are not professional chefs can also prepare restaurant quality meals with the peace of mind that they know exactly where the products have come from and that they are working with the very best possible raw materials

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The Classes

We like to connect with our customers and will be holding weekly butchery classes such as the Sausage Making Class. Up to 10 individuals learn the traditional art of making sausages inside the butchery. Beer and Wine are included and the class is finished off with a dinner of sausage and mash made from the students own masterpieces. This is a fun and educational experience that is great for individuals, corporate groups for team building and even for special occasions such as birthdays & stag parties etc… Other Classes (all include dinner); Introduction to Sous Vide Cooker, How to Cook The Perfect Steak, Nose to Tail Butchery.

Sausage Making Classes

The Location

This industrial chic corner of Sydney is going to change the way you feel about eating BBQ and steak. Come and try our dry aged beef and experience for yourself how we transform the humble steak into an outstanding eating experience.

Argyle Smokehouse & Butchery, Unit 10, GF, The Cannery, 81 Mentmore Avenue, Rosebery Sydney

Media Contacts

Jonathan Glover – 

Tel/Whatsapp +852 98004002

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